Our Kind of Birthday

My sister and I have a tradition. Having birthdays a week apart, and being the same age (in whole numbers) for a week each year, we love to celebrate together with our mom and our youngest sister, and all our husbands.

This year was a special celebration, and today was a special day. My sister and I are both 50 today, and for a few more days yet (before I get, alas, even older). Today her wonderful husband treated us all to a VIP wine tasting lunch at Airfield Estates winery.

What a great celebration it was -- we tasted wine from the vats, had a wonderful lunch, and tasted more wonderful wines while we were at it.  It's a family owned winery - and the vineyards are on a farm that began life as a WWII airfield, a part of local history new to me.  We were treated with just the right amount of attention - friendly, but leaving us plenty of time to visit and celebrate.
There was cake.

And there were presents.

Though I received lovely gifts, I was also very excited about the gift I gave --
Trish Woodson's My Kind of Town Cowl.  If you're interested in the knitterly knitty-gritty, you can check out my project page on Ravelry.   I adjusted the pattern to the less chunky yarn I was using, the wonderful Fyberspates Scrumptious Chunky, a silk-wool blend.  The color, called water, is gorgeous, and I think looks great with my sister's eyes (though the light in the tasting room library is too dim to show this well). 

My birthday isn't even here yet, but already, it's a good one.


  1. I wore it to church today and just loved it. It's beautiful!

  2. What a FABULOUS way to celebrate your birthdays. And how fun that you're both 50 (for a little while, at least) at the same time!!!! What a beautiful cowl. It looks so perfect on your sister.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!


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