Top 5 Knitting Projects of 2011

Knitting 2011
My top 5 knitting projects of 2011 are also my ONLY knitting projects of 2011. I didn't finish (or even start) too many things. Also in the picture is the tablecloth quilt I made for my dining room. We use it nearly every day, so I consider it a great success. It's also my first quilt, and I'm proud of it

I'm a tiny bit disappointed there aren't more projects in this picture. On the other hand -- look what I did! The afghan turned out better than I expected. The scarf & mittens are worn. The En Pointe sweater (the rose colored sweater with the twist in front) is one of my favorite sweaters to wear. The whisper cardi has yet to prove itself, but spring will come.

I have two projects on the needles now. The Kelmscott sweater is more than a third of the way finished. And there's another yet to be revealed project in the works.

Happy 2012! Happy knitting, and living, to us all!


  1. Great projects, Pam! Not all projects are created "equal." You have some fine, fine projects there! Here's to a Happy New Year filled with more great knitting. :-)


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