"Bigger on the Inside" only Smaller

Kate Atherley's shawl, Bigger on the Inside is one I hope to make someday.  But (in typical time-travelling fashion) I've also just finished making it.  Sort of.

We're talking Doctor Who here, the re-incarnation of the classic British TV show.  Whether or not you're a fan of sci-fi, you really ought to sample this series - I loved the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston; David Tennant was gorgeous as the 10th Doctor, and now Matt Smith continues to charm us as the 11th Doctor.  You can find it on Netflix, download it from iTunes, or ask for it for Christmas. (Start here:   Doctor Who: The Complete First Series.)

You see, my son is a fan of the Doctor, but not, as you might imagine, a shawl wearer.  But he does wear scarves.  So, one evening last spring while we stood in line to watch The Avengers in IMAX 3-D, we planned a scarf based on this shawl.

A couple of days ago, it looked like this:

Today it looks like this:

And tomorrow, I'll send it off to him.

It'll look better on him.

It features a Dalek.

The other motif - for the uninitiated, is a Tardis, which looks like an old-fashioned Police Box.  The Tardis, like a lot of other important things, is bigger on the inside than on the outside.  


Bigger on the Inside Only Smaller

  • Based on Bigger on the Inside, by Kate Atherley
  • Lorna's Laces Solemate yarn (55% superwash merino wool, 15% nylon, 30% Outlast) in the special Bigger on the Inside colorway - one skein.
  • US size 2 needles
  • cast on 323 stitches - knit about 15 rows of k3, p1 ribbing, with garter stitch on the ends.  
  • added some reverse stockinette to balance the Tardis motif
  • added a Dalek using this pattern for a Dalek dishcloth (thanks holynarf!).
  • finished with the same ribbing I started with.  
  • If I had it to do again, I'd use a heavier (maybe dk weight?) yarn
I have the yarn to make myself one some day - but for me, the shawl, including the time-vortex lace. 


  1. I love this scarf!!!. This is a scarf that even my very knitted product phobic husband would appreciate. He said to me once, "the day that James Bond wears a scarf is the day that I will wear one." I bet he would wear this one.


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