Laptop Pattern

This was a lot harder to write than I expected. 

If you give it a try,  please feel free to let me know if I've made any mistakes or if it's confusing.  Knitters can best contact me on Ravelry as Pam.  Or leave a comment and I'll do what I can.  It's really more directions than a pattern - I suspect experienced knitters might do better to look at the pictures and copy.

Or, you can download a .pdf for free from Ravelry, using this link: download now.


  1. Oh, thank you, Pam!!! I have a Certain Son who would really like this.

  2. Cool. Is this your first original pattern?

  3. Not my first original design, but the first time I've written it up for someone else to try.

  4. I know you have original designs, cause you are an artist, but writing it up for someone else to do, that is difficult. Yeah you! Next you can do a you tube video.


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