I made it myself, with wool . . .

but I didn't knit it.
It's the Petal Necklace, from Imperial Stock Ranch. 
A few weeks ago, I attended a wonderful event at Sheep's Clothing, my local yarn store - a Saturday with Imperial Stock Ranch.  Jeanne Carver, one of the current owners, shared the amazing history of this ranch -- actually the headquarters is a national historic district!  And then there was the fashion show - (look for more Imperial Stock Ranch projects in this space in the future), and finally a class with Leigh Radford, who, among many other accomplishments, designed the Petal Necklace.  The necklace is needle felted - not a craft that is likely to usurp knitting in my life --  but I'm tickled with the results.  It's definitely an unusual piece of jewelry - I wore it today and got several compliments, and possibly a curious look or two as well.  But I'm a knitter, and it's WOOL jewelry -- I love it!

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  1. Very cool! It looks great -- and fun, too. Isn't it refreshing to try something new?


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