Autumn Fern Mobius

Sometime this fall, I received an email from The Web.sters, that wonderful knitting store in Ashland, OR.  They were advertising the Dream in Color October 2012 club offering - The Autumn Fern Mobius, designed by Jessica Correa.  The yarn was a merino-silk sock yarn, in a custom colorway.

It looked perfect for my youngest sister - great colors for her, and it's been a while since I've knit for her.  So I ordered the kit.  And then, in November, I drew her name for Christmas.  Yay!

Not quite so good was my idea that I would first finish my son's Urban Aran cardigan first, since I wanted it done before he came home for Christmas.

Unfortunately, on December 25, the scarf was about a foot short of done.   So, it was given on the needles, and promptly returned.  Luckily, we spend Christmas together.

On December 28, it was finished.
This second shot shows the place where the loop was grafted together, after a half twist.
I was able to deliver it on New Year's Day.
At last!
Doesn't she look great? 


  1. She does look great. I got to see it on her in person.

  2. She does! Kudos to you, Pam! Did you knit it in an infinity style?I think it's fantastic how accomplished a knitter you've become. Great to have hobbies that are also useful skills.

  3. Pam, you are such a talented knitter and obviously also a very kind sister. I remember the first online picture I ever saw of your art: a sweater you made for Sophie when she was a kindergartner, something white and feathery looking. So pretty. I hope these were all kept after she outgrew them.


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