A Honey of my OWN

Over spring break, my husband and I were able to travel east to visit our son in his new city.  As I was packing, I realized that the Urban Aran I was knitting for my daughter was not the ideal project for knitting on the airplane.  It's not terribly demanding, but it involves a cable needle, and (usually a good thing) I knit through the balls of yarn pretty quickly.  (I know, I know, it's wonderful to knit cables without a needle.  All the cool kids are doing it.  But I prefer the process and the outcome with the cable needle.  And it's my knitting.  So there.)

I am usually a one-project-at-a-time kind of knitter, but this seemed like an occasion to make an exception.  And, thanks to a little impulse buying at Happy Knits, when I was last in Portland, I had just the thing:  two skeins of Madelinetosh Dk in the Cove colorway.
This yarn came home mainly because I loved the color (which this picture doesn't do justice), and because I thought I might like a Honey Cowl myself.  This was, after all, the very yarn, if not the color, called for in the famous pattern.  

To digress a bit, Happy Knits was my first exposure to Madelinetosh yarns in person.  It's a bigger yarn range than I'd imagine, with many beautiful colors.  I am especially in awe of all the varieties of water themed colors - cove, wellwater, rainwater, baltic, etc.  I want more.

You don't have to watch the video.  You've seen it.  But I do.  Want more. 

So, I knit on my Honey Cowl all the way to Baltimore and back.    And a bit when I got home.  I only dropped the yarn under the seat in front of me once, on the first leg of my flight.  And I have a Honey Cowl of MY OWN. 
I look a little concerned in this picture -- but I'm OK.
The styling isn't so terrific, but this shot does show the lovely shading pretty well.

I really tried hard to finish my Honey while we were in Baltimore.  They have spring there as well, now,  but when we were there, I was jealous of the many young women I saw still in their warm infinity scarves.  Now that I have a scarf that is wooly warm as well as fashionable, spring has at last sprung.  After these shots, my Honey went up on the closet shelf with the other winter scarves.
Here we are on the last and warmest day of our visit.  I guess spring had already started springing!


  1. I love the honey cowl pattern . . . and I love Madeline Tosh yarn. What a win-win project! Such a great shot of the 3 of you -- with spring in the background. (I'm hoping spring shows up here soon. I'd love to put my scarves away for the season. . .)

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Why didn't I find out earlier that you are such a lovely writer? Love the pictures too!
    Seng Mun

  3. Madelinetosh is addicting. Nice cowl.


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