Easter, belated

On Easter, I delivered the second red beret (Almond Comfit) I knit.  It was just as fun to make the second as the first.   My mom had strongly hinted that she'd like one too.  She and my mother-in-law are pretty good friends and I certainly didn't want  her to be jealous. 
The knitting details aren't that different from the first one - same yarn, same pattern.  My mom's head circumference was between sizes, so the sizing is the only difference.  I used the directions for the largest size, except in the "main body of hat" section - there, I knit the number of rows for the next smaller size.  It seemed to work!
My sister took this lovely picture of the two moms (my mom and my mother-in-law) modelling their hats.
This was on Easter Sunday, when I also gave my sister (and hostess) the Bertie Lou bird I knit.
It was gratifying that my sister loved Bertie's feet, since that was my own tweak to the pattern.  The little steeple in the picture is the top of a wonderful bird-house my brother-in-law created.  So here's Bertie, in her new habitat. 


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