All I got for Christmas (knitter's version)

Well, not ALL, but I was blessed with quite a lot of knitting-ish presents this Christmas.

First of all, there are few women and even fewer knitters who think that "too many bags" is a real thing.  So, I was delighted to get two wonderful bags for storing and toting my knitting.  From my mom, the wonderful Swift bag from Tom Bihn.

As many of you might know, this bag was a joint effort between Tom Bihn and the gang at Knitty.  You can read more about all its cool features - but I'll just say, it really is a terrific bag.  It doesn't feel or look much bigger than a medium-large purse, but it holds a whole sweater's worth of yarn, and the pattern book, and a bunch of knitterish tools.  And your phone.
It includes what Tom Bihn calls a medium stuff sack. 
I brought some knitting to the movies the other night, and knit with a cake of roving from the stuff sack.  It worked great.

The other bag was from my son, and it's double terrific.
A Tardis, and though maybe not TRULY bigger on the inside, it still holds two skeins and needles.  Plus, it's a Tardis.

Then, my sister and brother-in-law drew my name this year.
Knitivity: Create Your Own Knitted Nativity Scene. Fiona Goble
The Knitivity book is quite inspiring.  I like the idea of knitting one figure (maybe two) a year for a nativity scene, maybe for myself and a few other family members.  Will I do it?  Maybe.  Is it a good idea?  Yes!

I don't have a link for the mug, but if you find one, you'll like it.  The "knit" part feels unglazed, but the top and inside are glazed.  It feels great in your hand, and it's made my morning coffee even MORE welcome.

And then there's this:
My kids channeling awkward family photos in their "twin" Urban Aran sweaters.

Knitting love for Christmas. 


  1. Fun Fun Christmas gifts Pam. Of course I am all over the statement that "there can never be too many bags"!!! The kid's sweaters are beautiful by the way!


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