Roving Kind of Cowl

A couple of years ago, I made Trish Woodson's My Kind of Cowl for my sister for her birthday. 

This year, I made one for my birthday.  For me!
My kind of cowl - Imperial Wool two-strand roving

My Kind of Cowl, designed by Trish Woodson
  • Imperial Yarn bulky two strand pencil roving, dyed charcoal color, two skeins, 100% wool
  • US size 11 needles
  • 38 stitches, knit for 42 inches, grafted (That's the whole pattern, really)
  • on Ravelry here
I started thinking about making this cowl when I saw a picture of my faux leather top with a similar cowl.  I made it "longer" than the first one to fit over my shoulders.

The pencil roving makes a wonderful, warm, lofty piece, but it is tricky to knit with - it's better to avoid quick tugs or tight knitting.  It is REALLY tricky to graft with.  I used some good instructions for garter kitchener stitch, but then got it backward.  I could show you, but I won't.  I'm not fixing my mistake, because I don't think the roving would hold up to a re-do.  Even with twisting the roving often to keep it from wisping apart, I had to splice the grafting yarn back together fairly often.  This is a great piece of knitting for a beginner, but I'd suggest a beginner use a more constructed yarn.  On the other hand, if you're NOT a beginner, give this pencil roving a try.  I'm very happy with my cowl.

Another bit of birthday happiness was waking up to this photo in a text from my daughter -
Dilys, being worn in Italy.  Happy.


  1. Gorgeous photo of your daughter in sweater . . . in Italy. So cool! And the roving cowl looks fabulous. Bet it feels like you're wearing a fluffy (warm) cloud!


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