2017 Knitting

2017 Sweaters
Here are my projects for 2017.

  • Modern Wrapper, knit for me
  • Leaving, by Anne Hanson, knit for my sister
  • Naamah, by Paula Pereira, for my daughter
  • Two hats of Camellia Fiber Company handspun
  • Alex the Mouse, part of A Year of Techniques, by Ella Austin, eventually given to a cousin's new baby
  • Alby, by Bonne Marie Burns, for my mom
  • Hyacinthus mitts (also A Year of Techniques) given to a friend
  • Many hats - some knit for marching, some for keeping warm
  • Newsom by Bristol Ivy, for me
I also knit a hat with "Nevertheless, she persisted" around the edge, of which there isn't a photo (it's already been given away).  I'm knitting another for my daughter, so eventually I can show that.  And as you might notice, I've grown out my hair this year -- in the Modern Wrapper picture it still appears to have a little golden tinge, but it's really quite silver by now.  That project, though passive, took all year. 


  1. Lovely projects, Pam. Beautifully knit -- and heartfelt! I love your hair. Happy New Year! XO


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