Modern Wrapper

I've long been intrigued by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas' Modern Wrapper.  Though not sure its upper body voluminousness is the right thing for MY body, I've loved its shape (shades of Eileen Fisher) and the yarns Churchmouse has chosen to showcase in the various kits they offer.

So last year, when I was given a gift certificate to Churchmouse (Thanks, Mom!) I bought a kit.  I chose the one that featured Rowan's Kid Classic.  The original pattern called for two strands, a fingering weight wool and a lace weight mohair (like Kidsilk Haze).  Though I think Kidsilk Haze is amazing, I know it's easier to knit with one strand, and the Kid Classic yarn combines wool and mohair for a cozy but not too fuzzy sweater.

The pattern is one very large size, with small little sleeves that start at the elbow to bring it all into proportion.  Here's a back view:
These pictures are taken after watching Star Wars on New Year's Eve, so I apologize for the wrinkles in the back.  But you can see the boxy shape, and also that the shoulders slope from neckline to elbow -- making for a nice and less bulky fit.

I was a little disappointed in the yarn color (though I didn't exchange it for something else, so that's on me).  It's called Smoke, but is more navy than I thought it would be (I was aiming dark gray).  However it's pretty blackish in this pictures, so maybe it will fill the color slot in my wardrobe I was hoping to fill. 

These pictures are from my first wearing of this sweater.  I've worn it a couple of times since, and I think I'm going to like it.  It's cozy and just a little elegant.   Churchmouse has another, similar sweater called Modern Wrapper Fine which uses two strands of lace weight yarn (no mohair) and has sizes (though it's still oversized).  I'm guessing it would also be a fun, not too complicated but not boring knit. 

Modern Wrapper

  • Available as a pattern or kit from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas (several to choose from)
  • 9 skeins Rowan Kid Classic, Smoke colorway (831), wool, mohair, nylon.  
  • Size 9 and 8 needles
  • One size 
  • On my Ravelry page


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