Two Stockings

Untitled Carley’s stocking 

We thought this was the year we'd officially have added TWO new family members by Christmas. Sophie and Tim were married on August 8, in a small, beautiful wedding in our backyard. Sam and Carley planned to be married in an even smaller ceremony when they were in the Pacific Northwest for Christmas.

Unfortunately, in 2020 style, things didn't turn out as planned. Sam and Carley still plan to be married, but later, when it's safe to fly home, for instance.

 But in the meantime, two new Christmas stockings.  These stockings are now a couple of thousand miles away, but they'll come home again for Christmas some day. And someday Carley will officially and legally be part of our family, as she already is in our hearts -- and on the mantel at Christmas.

The most amazing thing about these stockings might be that I still had the ORIGINAL yarn I used to make the rest of the family's Christmas stockings (and mittens), twenty-some years ago. Savers for the win! Now if I could only get more of the stocking hangers I have, bought from Strosniders Hardware in Bethesda MD, about the time I made the first round of stockings!

Christmas Socks, by Beth Brown-Reinsel

  • Creskeld Guernsey yarn, in red, green, and white (which is a warm white), now discontinued. This pattern calls for Guernsey yarn, which is very dense and tightly spun. [And now I just went down a rabbit hole, looking for Guernsey or Gansey yarn.  It's hard to find.] One skein of 100 grams has about 246 yards. Hand wash only.
  • US 2 needle. (I think)
  • Modified to add a stripe with their names on it. (Use knitter's graph paper, or any graph paper, and chart it out. It's a little fiddly but not hard. Make the stripe about the same number of rows, and exactly the same number of stitches, as the other bands of the sock.)
  • On Ravelry here and here


  1. What great stockings, Pam! I love that you still had the yarn to match your originals. I'm so sorry that Sam and Carley's wedding has been postponed. Just think of what a wonderful day it will be . . . when they can officially "tie the knot" with all of you together. XO


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