Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A bit late, some pieces of our Easter.

These are the cakes I made for the birthday celebration that was part of our family Easter dinner. They're supposed to look like sunflowers, and they do a little. But mostly they look like a circle of peeps.
Easter 09
The idea is from Taste of Home magazine, last spring sometime. I used a mix cake (horrors) - a yellow cake that called for butter. I made a chocolate cream cheese frosting, though next time I think I'd like a plain chocolate/buttercream frosting better. The sunflower seeds are chocolate chips.

Easter 09
For the last couple of years, our church has made a cross of the Christmas tree we used in December. Then on Easter Sunday, everyone helps cover it with flowers. It smells and looks wonderful. A beautiful resurrection image.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slip sliding away!

As promised - the slippers I gave my sister for her birthday:
Felted Clogs
I think my sister was happy to get them.

Here's a shot from before I sewed the soles on:
I'm a little afraid I sewed the soles on a bit "wonky". I hope not.

They're Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. The link is to the "new version", which is narrower than the version of the pattern I actually use. I haven't knit this pattern for a while - but I like it. The results are pretty wonderful too.

This is my sister's second pair of these slippers. They last a long time, but eventually it's time for a new pair.

I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn (a wool/alpaca blend)- One skein of the green, which is called Lovage, and two skeins of the blue, Blue Glasynys. I needed all three skeins -- because the soles are knit double in garter stitch, they take a lot of yarn. And, when you're done, they're nice a squishy to walk on. I really like how this alpaca wool blend felts. The fabric is very dense -- the knit stitches have completely disappeared. When I was done, I did a bit of needlefelting with some Mountain Colors Mountain Goat yarn in Sapphire trail. This is yarn that's leftover from my first pair of garter stitch gloves.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Another glove

I have been doing a bit more knitting lately. But since one of my readers has a birthday coming up, you'll have to wait to see that project. Unless of course, you don't have a birthday coming up, AND you belong to Ravelry. Then you're welcome to go see what I've been up to.

Meanwhile, I've also started another pair of garter stitch gloves. I DO love this pattern, and the result is so lovely from a knitterly perspective and so wearable.
Garter Stitch Glove
Observant readers will also notice that I apparently love this colorway as well. It's Sapphire Trail, from Mountain Colors. The first pair of gloves I knit from this pattern were in this color, but a different yarn -- the Mountain Goat yarn, which has some mohair and is slightly heavier. This is Bearfoot sock yarn, which does have some mohair as well, and nylon for washability and strength. I didn't try to buy the same color as before -- I was just aiming for the most beautiful colors I could, from the selection they had at Dancing Ewe in Ellensburg. These are, once again, a gift for someone. I am planning to make myself a pair, at last. But as you can see, I've left it long enough that mine will be worn (as these will) next winter.

Observant readers will also notice I have very short fingers. This photo makes them look shorter. Really.