Slip sliding away!

As promised - the slippers I gave my sister for her birthday:
Felted Clogs
I think my sister was happy to get them.

Here's a shot from before I sewed the soles on:
I'm a little afraid I sewed the soles on a bit "wonky". I hope not.

They're Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. The link is to the "new version", which is narrower than the version of the pattern I actually use. I haven't knit this pattern for a while - but I like it. The results are pretty wonderful too.

This is my sister's second pair of these slippers. They last a long time, but eventually it's time for a new pair.

I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn (a wool/alpaca blend)- One skein of the green, which is called Lovage, and two skeins of the blue, Blue Glasynys. I needed all three skeins -- because the soles are knit double in garter stitch, they take a lot of yarn. And, when you're done, they're nice a squishy to walk on. I really like how this alpaca wool blend felts. The fabric is very dense -- the knit stitches have completely disappeared. When I was done, I did a bit of needlefelting with some Mountain Colors Mountain Goat yarn in Sapphire trail. This is yarn that's leftover from my first pair of garter stitch gloves.


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