Another glove

I have been doing a bit more knitting lately. But since one of my readers has a birthday coming up, you'll have to wait to see that project. Unless of course, you don't have a birthday coming up, AND you belong to Ravelry. Then you're welcome to go see what I've been up to.

Meanwhile, I've also started another pair of garter stitch gloves. I DO love this pattern, and the result is so lovely from a knitterly perspective and so wearable.
Garter Stitch Glove
Observant readers will also notice that I apparently love this colorway as well. It's Sapphire Trail, from Mountain Colors. The first pair of gloves I knit from this pattern were in this color, but a different yarn -- the Mountain Goat yarn, which has some mohair and is slightly heavier. This is Bearfoot sock yarn, which does have some mohair as well, and nylon for washability and strength. I didn't try to buy the same color as before -- I was just aiming for the most beautiful colors I could, from the selection they had at Dancing Ewe in Ellensburg. These are, once again, a gift for someone. I am planning to make myself a pair, at last. But as you can see, I've left it long enough that mine will be worn (as these will) next winter.

Observant readers will also notice I have very short fingers. This photo makes them look shorter. Really.


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