Closing Ceremonies

You can see the lowering of the Olympic flag in the background. And in front, my Olympic attempt. A Raccoon Jacket with one sleeve.

In order to "stay in the game" till the end, and also because I was worried the sleeve wouldn't fit into the armhole, I did some sewing up while waiting for the rest of my yarn to arrive. I learned that backstitch does have a place in my finishing skills after all. I tried three different "sewing" methods. I did a crocheted seam on the shoulder seams. This wasn't easy with all that pile in the way. I sewed the sleeve seam using mattress stitch, my preferred method. This was difficult because the individual stitches are so hard to find. Then, to set in the sleeves, I used backstitch, as the pattern had suggested. This was easiest of all - the rest of the sweater will be "backstitched". It looks fine, and it's not hard. I used some of my daughter's tiny butterfly hair clips to fasten the work together, instead of pins. This also worked great.

The rest of the yarn ships today.


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