This is an unfinished sleeve

. . . in an untidy house. If it were a finished sleeve, there might be a slight but reasonable hope I could "podium".

Parenthetically, the word "podium" as a verb is my new grammatical peeve. It joins "gift", a perfectly good noun, which was used as a verb in too many ads this Christmas season. As in "should I keep it, or gift it?" Whatever happened to "give"?

Anyway, back to the knitting. I am not on track to finish. Yesterday, when I "should" have been knitting, I brought the twelve year old to pick out new glasses. Even though that out of focus overhead screen at school WILL be there next week. I also took the older one to a community concert last night. Today I've volunteered to help the girl's club at church with their sewing project, and tomorrow I'm driving for the ballet production's "school tour". Saturday I'm to learn how to be an appraiser for Destination Imagination.

Still, tonight I plan to knit like a mad woman & watch figure skating. It's almost a sleeve . . .


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