Polyester Pelts

I'm knitting this jacket in "Funny" and "Funny Lux" by SandnesGarn. It's 100% polyester. The two yarns work well in this garment but they aren't the same. Funny - the black yarn, has 90 meters in 50 grams. The Funny Lux has 56 meters in 50 grams. I like the fabric of the Lux yarn a bit better, but I also think the contrast of the two yarns & textures adds to the faux effect of this design. I'm pretty much a natural fiber fan, but I am enjoying the texture of the fabric I'm getting. However, it has the pluses & minuses of most furry yarns. It was well nigh impossible to count stitches for gauge -- I just measured the whole swatch. Any mistakes are hidden, but if you drop stitches or want to fix something, you'll wish you hadn't. I'm trying hard to do things right the first time.

I had to make a decision last night about the right front. It's a mirror image of the left front, and the instructions take you through the first few stripes to help you think through what this means. But, it turns out this puts the color changes on the bottom of the piece for this half. I decided I don't like that for a couple of reasons -- mostly, because I was looking forward to my less than perfect transitions being hidden in the pick-up for the collar. So, I'm charting my own path, a bit, on this half. In the straight stitch sections, I can purl where it says knit, and vice versa. But in the garter stitch sections I'd prefer to knit. So I think I'll end up with some garter stitch sections being off by a row, one way or the other. I don't think, hidden in all that fur, that it wll matter. I hope. . .

Three more pelts (or stripes, if Chuck prefers) done last night.


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