Kennewick Woman chooses British teammate and relative unknown for Amazing Lace

This Kennewick woman, Pam, has announced her participation in the next great knitting event of summer, The Amazing Lace. Joining her on her team will be the Karis top, from Rowan #36, designed by Sharon Miller, and knit of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in the Liqueur color. The British team-mate is joined by the Lotus Blossom Tank from Interweave Knits Summer issue, 2006. The Lotus Tank is a relative unknown -- fiber, and even the fit of this garment have yet to be determined. Says Karis, "She is knitting me as I was designed, but I hear rumours that Pam has plans to adjust the neckline and the length of the lotus tank to suit herself. It makes me a little afraid for my own future on this team."

The Kennewick woman claims no connection to the famous Kennewick Man, reporting only that "I'm about 9000 years younger."


  1. Ah yes, but can the Kennewick Man knit?

    I see you've already finished Karis -- I hope you'll be sticking around The Amazing Lace with the Lotus Blossom Tank now -- I'm looking forward to seeing others knit that top, as I'm interested in it myself.


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