Lace on drugs. . .

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson -- the locally famous "don't knit lace on drugs" lesson. Here is Karis, with the border almost exactly half-way done. Three rows farther along than yesterday morning. Yesterday, I had a medical test, which isn't the subject of this blog -- but it involved drugs that precluded driving for the next twenty-four hours. So, I didn't drive yesterday, even though it was inconvenient, and even though, after a longish nap, I felt pretty good. Sure I confused words right and left. I forgot conversations two minutes after I had them. But I felt pretty good. (I felt pretty good - maybe that should have been a clue. . .) So at ten o'clock, I sat down to watch ER and knit. This is pretty much a habitual indulgence of mine (unlike drugs). I knit three rows. My stitch count was off. I unknit two rows. I reknit one row. My stitch count was off. I counted, I thought, I put the TV on mute. I realized my stitch COUNTER had been incorrectly set. I unknit the row again. I knit two rows. Now, at 11:05 p.m., I went to bed. Total gain in one hour of knitting: 3 rows of about 20 stitches each.

This was actually pretty good for knitting on drugs -- no net loss. Kid silk haze gets some of the credit -- it's hard to unknit or rip out, but it also holds together, unlike the Grinasco merino/silk I used for the blue lace dreams shawl. I made the mistake of knitting on Lace Dreams while on chemo -- that cost me weeks of work, and I decided to wait until I'd gotten most of the drugs out of my system to even try to FIX the mistakes I made.

Moral: If you aren't clear-headed enough to handle a car or power tools, you aren't clear-headed enough for lace!

In happier news, I made a side-bar. Thanks to The Knitting Hammy. I'm in the company of some really wonderful bloggers. Check it out.


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