Blast from the Past

Rather than bore you with yet another picture of incremental progress on the Central Park Hoodie, I thought I'd share some "historic" knitting.

These are mittens I knit from Magnificent Mittens by Anna Zilboorg. This link is to in Canada, the only place I found, in my limited googling, that has the book new, and therefore at a reasonable price.

These were a birthday gift for my sister, who requested special mittens, but left the rest to me. They're knit from Dale Tiur (which is actually just a tad light for these patterns) and some special hand-dyed yarn that came my first Magnificent Mittens kits, which I bought from Merijke Saarnit at Stitches ooh so many years ago. The black and white yarns are the Dale yarn, the bright colors are from my original kit. The kit I bought is still available here but the book (which you'll need) is not. These mittens are mostly one pattern from the book, but the orginal mittens didn't have the braided edging, nor the funky color contrasts. My sister wanted mittens to wear with her black winter coat. I intended the bright colored cuffs to be like a surprise tucked away inside her coat sleeves. The mittens are lined with baby alpaca - a very soft surprise inside. The first ones I made were lined with angora.

I think the yarns in the Magnificent Mitten kits are sold here, but they no longer seem to be selling the mitten kits.

These mittens are knit up from the fingertips, like Turkish socks.


  1. Those are Absolutely a knitter I totally appreciate how much time and effort they took and wow what a payoff!


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