Long Time, No Post

What's been happening?

Well, school started.

Here we see the 8th grader keeping a fair distance from her father on the walk to the bus stop. Notice the carefully straightened hair. Life has been busy with school starting, and "All that that implies. . ." (This phrase is part of our family vocabulary thanks to The Iron Giant.)

But I have made some progress on Am Kamin -- slow but steady. My progress on this HAS been slow, but I am enjoying the work, so it doesn't much matter, except that there's less to blog about. Since I added a few stitches at the side, I'm going to need to re-work the raglan decreases. I'm pretty sure I can do it, but I've been stalling. I actually think my row gauge may be off, so customizing the decreases will be a good idea for that reason too.

I've made more progress on the Central Park Hoodie. This is a better project for in the car and other times when concentration is less than total. I got quite a bit done on the way up to pick huckleberries on Saturday.

Here they are -- the caviar of berries. Huckleberries are, to borrow a phrase from Garrison Keillor, a "private fruit". They're never available in the grocery store, and if you find them in a farmers' market, you pay the earth for them. And I've paid when I can. Our huckleberry tradition involves about 6 hours of driving, taking the family car on a road that actually would justify a SUV, if we had one, a picnic, a few hours of picking, and dinner out on the way home, dressed in our stained and dusty clothes. All that for a gallon or two of berries, if we're lucky. All for the pleasure of jam or pies this winter that bring back memories of a late summer day in the mountains.

Finally, I WON! Though I was never a winner in any of the Amazing Lace challenges, I did win one of the final prizes. Happy day!


  1. Pam! Thank you so much for getting in touch with me!! I just clicked over to your lace dream stole, and it is beautiful...I see you chose blue too! My new post will have some closeups with questions about the hem, and I would really appreciate your input since you're the only other person I know who has knit this. :)

    Now I see that you are doing the Central Park Hoodie too (my next project!) so I've subscribed to your site to watch your progress on that. Did you join the knitalong? You have a lucky daughter. :)

  2. P.S. Congratulations on your Amazing Lace prize!

  3. OMG, am kamin looks amazing. I wish I had half a brain to start it. Sadly, I only have about a quarter. :/


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