It's gonna fit

Last night I finished the second (left or right?) front to the Central Park Hoodie. The fronts especially have looked awfully narrow to me, so I sewed the shoulders and side seams today so I could see how they were going to fit. I also thought I might wash & block, since the swatch relaxed quite a bit upon washing. But here it is -- the Central Park Vest. Not blocked, but it looks like it'll fit just fine. Hurray! Now to finish.

Oh, and speaking of blocking -- the Voodoo wrist warmer improved immensely once I gave it a swish through the Kookaburra wool wash & left it to dry.


  1. That fits perfectly - can't wait for the rest!

  2. That is always exciting! It's great when things work out. Thanks for your comments -- I already bought Kayla yarn and taught her to knit. She knows I knit all the time and she must not think it looks like that much effort -- good news/bad news!

  3. That is such good news! I've been thinking the same thing, that the fronts looked awfully small, so that is encouraging that yours came out just fine!

    I really like your wristwarmers too. If I can just finish the CPH...


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