Lots to be thankful for . . .

A sure way to warm a knitter's heart is to do what my mom & G did yesterday. They came to dinner wearing the vests I'd knit for them! Originally, this project started when G asked for the Navaho Pullover from Knitting in America. When I finished the sweater, I had a fair amount of yarn left, so I ordered a bit more to make my mom a vest based on the same designs. The sweater is beautiful as written, but G found it much too warm to actually wear. So last year I turned it into a vest, which it seems is much more wearable. Take a peek at the backs as well . . .

Then, while playing games later in the afternoon, I finished the Voodoo Wrist Warmers.

Lots to be thankful for . . .
And that's just in my knitting life.


  1. They are adorable!!!! Looking very sharp in those matching vests!!!!!

    Congratulations on the voodoo wristwarmers too! And are you as ready to be done with the CPH as I am? The hood is giving me fits.


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