One down . . . and a color digression

Here is the first Endpaper Mitt. I apologize for the blotchy winter lawn as a background, but in consolation, the colors on the Mitt are true. I like it a lot. I hope the recipient does too. My only disappointment is a problem I tend to have with "second" things -- my corrolary to "second sock syndrome". My problem isn't finishing the second thing; it's that I perfect my techniques by the time I get to the second item. So, the tubular cast on, which is a little wonky on this one, is lovely and smooth on the second. Since I'm working to deadline here, I'm hoping that blocking and wearing will eventually offset this. Debbie commented on how well this yarn coordinated with my rug in the last post. It's worse (or better) than that. I tend to be drawn to variations on favorite themes. This yarn does coordinate with my living room rug. It is also very similar to this --

The sweater and hat I made for my son last Christmas, which I showed you a couple of posts ago. My son chose the blue for that sweater, and I chose the gold because I liked using it with blue when I knit Grant Avenue.

This blue/gold combination is also the classic blue-jeans denim with stitching color-scheme.


  1. Very nice Grant Pam. You did a great job. Love the Mitts too. Thanks for the tour. You are very talented.

  2. It looks fine! But I have that problem too (wanting to redo the first one of a pair to match the second one, which came out better).

    We always stick with our favorite colors and combos, but I think it works out fine because then everything coordinates, as you illustrated so well in your photos!! :)


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