We are Santa's Elves

Lucky me! This arrived in the mail today!

Lucky us! The person receiving a gift from this yarn doesn't read my blog.

Don't you love it when a gift request meshes with what you're craving to knit anyway? I'm going to be making Eunny Jang's
Endpaper Mitts, from Blue Sky Alpaca, Alpaca and Silk yarn. The yarn will probably be just a tad heavy for the pattern, but I think it's soft (oh, is it soft) and drapey enough for me to get away with knitting this fingering weight pattern. I took this photo in natural light, but the blue is a tad more faded and the flax is spicier in real life. The picture here at KPixie.com is truer to color, though the blue seems to be gone right now. I plan to make a beanie/skullcap to match.

By the way, ordering from KPixie was a totally positive experience. I received a 10% discount for creating an account on their site. I ordered last Monday night, and received an email the next morning, telling me there was a wait for the blue yarn, and asking what I wanted to do. I guess having to wait wasn't TOTALLY positive, but the immediate feedback was much appreciated. My yarn was shipped on Friday or Saturday and arrived today (Wednesday). AND the shipping was only $5.00, which seems reasonable to me. KPixie carries some nice yarn -- check them out.

Also, the pattern is now available for the gorgeous mittens Eunny showed us a while ago. You might want to take a peek.


  1. The new yarn looks so pretty, and coordinates with your rug! I haven't seen Eunny's mittens but I'll need to go visit her site.

    I loved your parade photos in the previous post. Thanks for sharing them with us!


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