It's (not) finished (yet)

Here it is, after felting (or fulling if one is precise, which I may not be). Heavens, you can glimpse my untidy kitchen and KNOW precision is limited.
And here it is, with the fun things I found yesterday. The fabric for the lining is Paperweights by Kaffe Fassett. I found it at Village Quiltworks. The handles are glittery and lime green -- the consequence of shopping with my thirteen-year old and her friend. I had gone in the store for a black set. But, I daresay they're right. I found them at Sheep's Clothing, my truly local yarn store. It was a fun visit. I learned that Judie (one of the Sheep's Clothing ladies) has her own web site with her own patterns. She's blogless, but if she drops by here, I hope she sees she got a shout-out. Hi Judie!

This afternoon I was busy as a bee, but didn't make nearly as much progress as I'd expected or hoped. I'm getting excited to be able to use this bag, so it'll be done soonish. If you are making one of these Noni bags, don't forget to check their web site for some reasonably good instructions on the nitty gritty of bag construction and finishing.


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