Noni Bobble bag finished! (?)

Noni bag: Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere
designed by Nora J. Bellows
Knit using 3 skeins of Cascade 220 in black, and assorted yarn "remnants" for the bobbles. One skein of green yarn (Cascade 220) purchased for bobbles as well, because, well, I didn't have any greens in my felting bag.
  • I didn't use as many bobbles as called for in the pattern. If you check the errata on the pattern web site, you'll see that might be expected.
  • Stabilized with plastic canvas.
  • Lined with cotton fabric from Kaffe Fassett for Westminster, Paperweights design, gypsy colorway.
  • Green plastic handles (I forgot to write down the brand name -- I bought them here.) Later: the handles are Creative Naturals Handbag Handles by Blumenthal Craft. "Glitter arched acrylic handles - Lime, 5-1/2" handle opening"
  • I used the instructions on the Noni bag web site for attaching the handles and making the lining. My lining has two pockets, one of which is divided for my sunglasses & phone. (So maybe that's really 3?)
  • My bag turned out to have a more open (bell) shape, rather than the straight up and down boxy shape in the picture. I ascribe this to the idiosyncratic nature of felted wool. I am not so sure about these green handles, and I am not quite happy with the stiffener. If I had it to do over again (which I may), I would stiffen a larger area, especially higher up near the handles. And, I'd attach to handle tabs to the stiffener, as well as the felted fabric.
I plan on using my bag for a few days, and then I'll decide if I want to take out the lining and re-do the stiffening and maybe change the handles.

Here's the inside -- empty, and full.

And here's my bag hanging on the snowball bush - bobbles, bobbles EVERYWHERE!


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