Spring Break Yarn Crawl . . . oops! I mean College Tour

Officially, we spent the beginning of this week looking at colleges for my son. Unofficially, I checked out yarn stores I'd been wanting to see for some time.

The official agenda, Whitworth College. The un-official agenda, Holy Threads.
Holy Threads is really a beautiful shop -- it's in the shadow of Sacred Heart Medical Center, in a wonderful older house. There are rooms of beautiful yarns. I liked this shop a lot, but at the same time, it isn't really "my" kind of yarn shop. The items on display are primarily fiber art rather than amazing examples of the craft of knitting; felted purses (though amazing and beautiful ones) rather than lace shawls.

Of course, I did find something to take home. I bought a felted flower kit (a daffodil) as a hostess gift for the friend we'd stay with in Seattle. And there were Brittany birch needles -- double points in size 0. I also bought a set in size 2, since these are the sizes I'll want for my next pair of Anemoi mittens. The bamboo ones I've been using have become a bit splintery.

My daughter liked this shop even more than I did. She and her dad did a little photo shoot while I browsed the yummy yarns.

Driving across the state, we stopped in Ritzville for lunch. Across the street from our restaurant (which was a blast from about 1957) was this great sign. Talk about something for almost everyone! I regret that I didn't go in to search for the bottles -- all I could see in the display windows were some lovely quilts (and perfectly straight stitches!)

In Seattle, the official agenda item was SPU. But there was some time to kill while my son attended a class, and Hilltop Yarns was just waiting there at the top of Queen Anne Hill.

This is a truly wonderful yarn store. The kind of store that you enter to browse, and leave with, well, this:

I've admired this pattern since I first saw it in the ads in the spring magazines. It's the Surplice Lace top, designed by Gayle Bunn. Hilltop didn't have the yarn it was designed for, but this Tahki cotton classic, in a lovely very pale pink, should work to the same gauge. I also picked up some Soak mini-soak packets to try out.

Too bad we're a year and a half from "parents' weekend" -- I'm looking forward to it already!


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