Slow but Steady (mostly, slow)

Here's my recent progress on the surplice lace top. The finished piece is just a rectangle. Now I knit ANOTHER rectangle. Then the "bodice" pieces and the sleeves. I'm slow. I have had a couple of nice drives to knit on -- Saturday night it was still light when we drove to see my nephew's high school play. He was "Gaston" in Beauty and the Beast (Disney version). It was fun to see such a nice guy be despicable. And he can REALLY sing! He has some funny YouTube videos too - though I should warn you they are rife with silly bodily function humor.

Since my last post, about wishing I'd made the Lotus Blossom Tank with seams, I've been thinking. I'm musing about adding seams to improve the fit - basically, I think I'm going to try taking it in. Any wisdom?


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