Sunday, April 15, 2007

Noni Progress

Here's my progress on my Noni bag, Bobbles, Bobbles, Everywhere. I've used Cascade 220 for the body, but I'm making my bobbles out of selected, feltable left-overs. I checked out the Noni Knitalong, hoping to learn if I really needed to make ALL those bobbles the pattern calls for (I think that's 12 each of 16 colors). I still don't know. I did read that several people wished they hadn't put their bobbles quite so close together, so I'm sort of "relaxing" my spacing. I also realized I like the "flow" of the bobbles on the pattern leaflet, so I'm trying to vary the depth of the bobbles around the edge of the bag. I'm guessing I'm half-way there. Anyone out there who has experience with this bag want to offer some advice?

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