Happy Birthday to me! (and you too. . .)

I meant to blog sooner, with pictures of the completed Anemoi mittens. Unfortunately, I spent time last week being sick instead of knitting. So, those pictures will come in a few days. . . when the mittens are finally finished.

In the meantime, I celebrated my birthday, again. It was actually last week, but last night was the party I share with my sister, M. Our birthdays are a week apart (51 weeks, to be completely accurate), and so I've never had a birthday without her, really. We're the same age for a week every year. As adults, we've taken to celebrating our birthdays together, with the rest of the adult part of our family, eating out. This is pretty much my favorite part of my birthday.
This year we dined at Fiesta Restaurant.

My mom, a new knitter, arrived with a bag full of scarves.

One of my gifts (they were all nice ones) was this painting. It's by my cousin-in-law, Jenny, so it's extra special -- not only do I like it, but I like the artist. Other gifts included some spending money for yarn, and a gift certificate from KPixie.com, which you'll hear more about later, I'm sure.

This is part of why I feel grateful to be another year older.


  1. Happy happy birthday! Hope you're feeling better now and that you had a great time.

  2. Happy Birthday! I am really impressed with your mitten work! Wow! I need tomake a pair for my 14 year old-something cool he'll wear--because he doesn't want to wear them. Does that make sense? Your Central Park Hoodie is fabulous!

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your sister! Glad you had such a good time with your family. It must be fun having your mom knit, so you can share patterns and wool! I like the painting too.


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