Central Park Hoodie - Complete!

I finished the Central Park Hoodie! I had all the seams sewed up and the ends woven in yesterday, and then washed it and laid it out to dry before putting in the zipper. My daughter came to me at bedtime and said "Mom, I think it's dry enough for you to sew in the zipper now." It wasn't, really, but she has a history of being "hard to knit for", so I took this strong hint that she wanted this sweater. So after a late night for me, she wore it to school today. We're both happy.
Here's the back view. The color on the first picture is more accurate.

Nitty Gritty Details:

  • Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene Fall 06.
  • Cascade Sierra Quatro, 80% cotton/20% wool, Green Melange (color 96) 100 grams, 191 yards, 7 skeins used.
  • Gauge called for was 4.25 stitches/inch. I knit this on size 5 needles at a gauge of 5 stitches/inch because I liked the fabric better. (That is the ball-band gauge -- actually I'm not sure how I came to substitute this yarn for what was called for - except the girl liked the color.) To compensate, I made the 40 inch size in hopes of getting a sweater with a 34" finished size. My actual finished size was 34.5". I used vertical directions (ie knit 11 inches) for the smallest size.
  • Vislon Activewear 22" Separating zipper, "peridot". I should have used a 18 inch zipper. I don't even know if there was one in the right length, but I had to cut this zipper and fold the ends back, which makes for some bulkiness I don't like. I sewed in the zipper by hand, using, more or less, the instructions in the big Vogue Knitting book.
  • Other changes: I grafted the top of the hood together (kitchener stitch) and knit the ribbing all in one go. The pattern called for casting off the top of the hood, then knitting the front ribbing, then sewing a seam which would be on the "top" of the hood. I thought my way would be better, which it was, mostly. But I also broke one of my favorite needles - size 3 bamboo needles aren't meant for cramming 300+ stitches on. After I rescued my stitches (the needle broke "inside" a row), I used two needles but knit the ribbing all in one piece.


  1. marilyn6:52 PM

    That is soo cute. I love the color. I don't understand any of the directions, but I love that you both love it!

  2. That looks fantastic! I'm sure the recipient got heaps of compliments at school!

  3. wow this is super cute color!!! and a zipper?!! wooo

    thanks for the comment on my page! :)!. and yes it's my first sweater :)

  4. YAY!!!!! It looks fabulous!!!!!


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