It's not over till it's over

I brought the cap over to my father-in-law on New Year's Eve. It fits just great! I'm sure Eunny never imagined her mitts quite in this context, but C is often cold even indoors, and this seemed like a nice solution. Plus, I wanted to give him something special -- it's been a tough year. I'm happy with how this gift turned out.

But, I'm still not done with Christmas knitting. This is what my mom received for Christmas. I plan to make Anemoi mittens, another Eunny Jang design. The colors aren't shown so well in this picture -- the yarn is cream and chocolate brown.

Yes, our tree is still up. I'd like to say we always celebrate 12 days of Christmas, till Epiphany. That's not quite true, but I think the tree is staying up till next weekend, anyway.

I'll start them as soon as I finish the Central Park Hoodie. I found a zipper today. Tonight I hope to make some real progress while I watch my new Monk videos.


  1. Your father in law is so cute, and I think the hat and armwarmers are perfect for him! What a great idea!

    Good luck on the hoodie!


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