DSC03437.JPG, originally uploaded by Pam.

Here's my amended Surplice Lace Top. I added a little inset in the "v". It was almost not too low, but not comfortable. It was better if I wore a cami, but then that added a layer to a top that otherwise would work in our summer heat. So, I knit a little triangle. It actually looks a bit better than this photo.

This photo shows the color of the sweater a little better.

Later -- an amendment to my "Amendments" post:

Tiennie asked how I made the inset & whether I sewed it in later. The answer is, I made several - this one was once much bigger, but my daughter convinced me this little bit showing kept the feel of the top, while giving me the little bit of modesty I was craving (it covers my radiation tatoo, and keeps the wrap from opening).

Here's what I did -- I started with three stitches, and then increased at both ends of each right side row for a couple of inches. Then I knit about 8 rows of garter at the top, still increasing on the right side. I sewed the edges of my little triangle to the place where I'd cast on the neckband stitches. So on one side, it's not quite as tacked down as the other, because I didn't want to sew through two layers of the wrap. If you have this top, you'll be able to see what I did, and what you could do too, if that's your thing. It looks OK now, but at first the color of the inset was a bit different. I'd only washed my top twice, but the pink had shifted and faded just a little.


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