Casting on, casting off . . . again. . .

The instructions for my garter stitch gloves arrived the day before yesterday. Hurray! For some reason, having just finished my right Anemoi mitten, it seemed important to cast on the left one before moving on to other things.

So, I did.

Then I started the gloves. They remind me of knitting the fiber trends felted clogs -- easy knitting, but a bit fiddly too. Lots of provisional casting on and casting off, which will allow the gloves to be virtually seamless, eventually. I love the yarn I'm using, and something about the short row shaping for the thumb makes me particularly happy. I have had a couple of questions about the pattern, which have been quickly (overnight) answered by the pattern designer via e-mail. So far, so good.

The past two days have also been the days my kids have cast off on the journey of a new school year. They're both in high school this year, the older one a senior. I'm trying not to think about that too much. Honestly, the heart tug as they drove off together yesterday morning was nothing like as strong as those mornings they got on the kindergarten bus without looking back. Not as strong, but otherwise, a familiar feeling.


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