Finished gloves, again

Here they are, the next in a series of Garter Stitch Gloves. These are made for my friend Ni Doh Pah, though I think I'll wait to give them 'til fall, now that warm weather is here. Details about the pattern can be found here. If you look back to the first post, you'll notice that I've made them in a different yarn but same colorway. So, they're slightly less fuzzy but otherwise much the same. They're made of Mountain Colors Bearfoot Yarn, in the Sapphire Trail colorway.

At last, I'm working on a pair of these gloves for myself.
I'm NOT sure about the color. I chose this as the best I could find that would look good with my various coats (red, black, khaki) and also look OK, but not matchy, with my favorite ruby red scarf (Clapotis). It's Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in colorway 112, which is mauve roses.

We were away this weekend, and I accidentally booked a hotel two doors down from Knot Another Hat. Stash post tomorrow!


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