Most mis-matched hand-knits by a single knitter

IMG_3896, originally uploaded by phenager.

I promised my sister, who took this rather dorky photo, that I'd blog this. So Linda, here it is. All dorkiness is, of course, my own.

Between Christmas & New Year's Day we had a wonderful family get-away to celebrate my mother's birthday. One of the fun things we did was ice-skating at this outdoor rink. It was in a fancy-ish vacation development near the house we were renting. I realized as I was skating that not only was the development fancy-ish, but I was definitely the most mismatched (un-fancy) skater on the rink.

So here I am, in my mis-matched, handknit glory.

The mittens are from this book:

and were knit about 20 years ago of scrap yarn. They are not my most attractive mittens, but they're the best, functionally.

The hat is just a cast on and knit hat, of Noro Kureyon, that matches a sweater I made a few years ago, pre-blog. It doesn't match the sweater I'm wearing.

And the sweater -- the sweater is knit from Yarns International's Shetland 2000 (which is known as Shetland Supreme, these days). The yarn is a joint venture between Yarns International (my favorite Bethesda yarn store) and Jamieson and Smith. It's made of wonderful, undyed, naturally colored Shetland wool. It's unfashionably boxy, but is a favorite of mine, both for its cozy warmth, and total knitterly geekiness. The sweater is based on a pull-over from Ron Schweitzer's first book, Travel Logs. The buttons are made of shed antlers, and were a gift from my in-laws, following a trip to Alaska.

I'm skipping the knitting Olympics on Ravelry, but this was a gold-medal day for hand-knit wool wearing!


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