What Knitting Mothers Do

Yesterday, as I was running errands, my daughter phoned me. "Mom, I need one of those earflap hats for Shakespeare in the Snow. Can you buy me one? And gloves, I need some gloves too."

Shakespeare in the Snow is the "geeks get to have fun too" event of our high school's IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. They left today, 15 minutes ago, so you need to translate the conversation into terms of "the party's tomorrow and I said you'd make a cake."

So, we solved the glove dilemma with cheap gloves & some from the closet. But the hat -- the thing is, with the hat, I'd been planning to make her a hat with the leftover yarns from her Macarons slippers. Over Christmas vacation, she'd borrowed her cousin's hat, the one she's wearing in this picture, and loved it.

Ever since, I've been musing about making a hat for her with the leftover yarn from her slippers. Someone even suggested the Thorpe (if you click the link, it's under free patterns, about four down)  pattern along the way.

So, after putting away my groceries, I pulled out the leftover yarn, made a guess (an educated one, since I'd swatched this yarn for the slippers) on needle size, and dove in.

By midnight, I had this:

Thorpe for Shakespeare in the Snow.  I left off the crocheted edging, though I won't promise not to go back & do it later.  I did add a pompom, which could stand to be bigger.  But it was midnight, and it was definitely a situation where good enough was good enough.  It's not as well executed as these, but we were both happy, so that is a success.  I'll hope to share a picture of her wearing it soon, assuming it comes back from camp!


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