And another pair of gloves.

After I took this picture, I moved all the rummage from my table - the remotes, the new Knitters magazine, etc.  But of course, this is the best picture of the bunch.

I'm knitting another pair of the custom side-ways garter stitch gloves.  The link is to a Ravelry project page -- from there you can get more pattern information, if you're interested.  I'm using Mini Mochi, which is a wonderful yarn, a tad finer than the gloves really call for.  But, they seem to be turning out OK.  The recipient loves purple & rainbows, so I think these will fill the bill. 

I bought the Knitters this weekend; my subscription has long lapsed.  There is one sweater (Daydreams in Lace) that has me tempted, but otherwise, I think my break from this magazine continues. 


  1. Gorgeous gloves!! I always love your garter stitch gloves.


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