Yes, Virginia, it is another pair of gloves.

Just finished another pair of the wonderful custom fit garter stitch gloves - this time truly a custom fit, for a young friend of a friend with some specific fit issues.  They're knit of Mini Mochi, a sock yarn with long color repeats.  These gloves (in a child's size) took only one ball. 

Now I've started another pair of gloves, to replace some my son lost (to give him credit, he didn't lose them for 2 years).  Socks wear out, gloves and mittens get lost.  At this house, mothers knit. 

Hope all of my U.S. readers had a good thanksgiving weekend -- full of things to be thankful for, and the grace to be grateful.  We have snow on the ground, and unseasonably cold weather, so hand-knits are especially useful right now -- one more thing to be thankful for. 


  1. oh, it's so sad when gloves/mitts get lost!! I just finished a pair of mitts and put a mitten string on them, since the last time I knit mittens I lost one the first night I wore them out. I love the kitty buttons on those new gloves!

  2. Those gloves are wonderful! I love Mini Mochi -- such lovely, soft stuff!


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