Knitting 2010

Knitting 2010, originally uploaded by phenager.
Here it is -- my knitting (and a bit of not knitting) for 2010.

Those two identical sweaters? They are -- but one is felted, awaiting reincarnation on a shelf in my closet. The second one is being worn frequently and washed more carefully.

The tweedy pink sweater was knit in 2009, but modified for a better fit this year.

And the not knitting? New shades for my dining room this summer.


  1. Gorgeous 2010 roundup- and your dining room shades look amazing! here's to a knitting-filled 2011.

  2. It was a lovely fiber-year! And now. . . what'cha got planned for 2011?

  3. Great 2010 roundup! Amazing knitting-filled 2010!


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