Two Steps Back

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I love the IDEA of Spud & Chloe patterns. Great colors, cute styles, terrific presentation. But. The previous Spud & Chloe design I made (Candy Stripe Jacket) had issues with edgings. And so does this afghan. For reasons I can't fathom, the instructions say to slip every first stitch of the garter stitch edging. Garter stitch already wants to have a more condensed row gauge than straight stitch. The slip stitch edge just compounds that problem. I've torn back to the garter stitch border and am now knitting every stitch, even the first one. It'll still have some issues, but I think this will help.

On a brighter note, I'm taking more pleasure than I expected in this intarsia knitting.


  1. The colors are so bright and happy, how can you not take pleasure in the knitting! :-) Hope there is no more pattern weirdness. . .


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