Happy Anniversary

No, this blog really is only a few weeks old. But yesterday was my wedding anniversary. That particular work in progress has been going on for nineteen years. This hat is the last thing I've knit for my dear husband. One of his many endearing qualities is that he appreciates the things I've knit for him. Even though it's March, and warming up, I had to wait until he came home to work to photograph this hat, because he takes it with him every day. It's pretty basic, knit from Flory's one skein Noro hat pattern, freely adapted. The yarn is some wonderful stuff leftover from making this sweater for my step-dad.

Actually, and this is a big digression from what was meant to be a sweet anniversary post, I knit the Navaho sweater for my step-dad and adapted a vest for my mom back in about 1996. Then, this fall, I turned Gene's sweater into this:

Some of you might think that's a shame, reducing that gorgeous shawl collared sweater to a vest. But, the vest gets worn. So, now I have bits and pieces of both the black La Lana Millspun yarn and the Forever Random blends. Besides these yarns, Chuck's hat includes leftover from the "pillows that match my rug," which were also a product of the year we lived in Bethesda. Mainly, the hat includes the tan Manos yarn.

So, there you have a history of Chuck's hat, if not our marriage. We're celebrating with some time away next week, but last night we did have a nice dinner at Olympic Blue (the former Chez Chaz) and I wore my new fur coat! This past year has seen more of the sickness side of "in sickness and in health" than anyone hopes for, but there we were, eating good beef with carmelized onions and drinking a nice Kiona Lemberger. I think we've come out the other side.


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