In which I knit slow & eat crow

It's a bit embarassing to have a blog and knit as slowly as I do. My knitting progress is paced for a monthly leaflet. Sometimes I secretly wonder if some of you, my fellow bloggers, are bringing out projects from your knitting history. Or perhaps there's really two of some of you. Nonetheless - here's my progress on Karis. It turns out Karis is "just" a feather and fan poncho. Of course, that's like saying those Ghirardelli dark chocolate mint squares are "just" chocolate.

I forgot to let you know that this arrived a week ago last Saturday. Next project: Am Kamin.

This is the page that made my 16 year old son say "ooooh", in a tone of voice I usually only hear from other knitters. It's named after a Schumann piece, which may have helped, since he's playing some Schumann these days. Ordering two books from Japan -- about $35. Impressed noises from teenage son, priceless.

In the eating crow department, I finished Chicks with Sticks: It's a Purl Thing and have to say that it wasn't quite as bad as my last post might have led you to believe. It resolved itself quite nicely - more balance and sense than I expected. Still not great, but better than I was leading you to believe.


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