Karis Cast On

Yesterday I cast on for Karis. I began by making charts for the collar and bottom border patterns. I like using charts because I think it's easier to keep track of what's happening in the pattern. I have a chart for the body of the piece, sent to me by Sharon Miller herself. When I first received the yarn & Rowan mag (they were a Christmas gift from my terrific MIL) I wrote to her at Heirloom Knitting to ask if there were charts for this pattern. And, she kindly forwarded them to me.

Once the charts were done, I cast on. About three times. I may or may not enjoy working with this yarn. I definately haven't found the right needles yet. Nothing I have is quite pointy enough at the tips. I'm also dithering about gauge. The pattern gives a gauge in the collar pattern stitch. The question is, is that blocked or unblocked? And, how much will it matter?


  1. Pam,
    The absolute best needle I have found for lace and Kidsilk in particular are the vintage Susan Bates nylon circular needles. They are not slippery and have a great point. Hope that helps a little. You will really enjoy the kidsilk once you have the right needles.

  2. That's fabulous that she sent you the charts - that's one of my problems with so many British designers, that they don't use charts.


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