Spring in a week

My apricot tree is pretty sure Spring has arrived. Here's a shot of the neck edging for Karis, or part of it, strangely or artily arranged, depending on your outlook, to a background of blossoms and lovely blue sky.

I didn't finish the Raccoon Jacket, but I did make a bit of progress. Mostly I knit on Karis, but not too quickly. I knit on the way to Wenatchee, and part of the way back. However, I kept having to take out rows, because in my lack of concentration, while knitting and talking, I would forget to knit the row of plain knitting between each patterned row. So, progress wasn't what it should have been. But it is pretty isn't it?

And the trip was a success - my son's team was victorious, and I had a lot of fun appraising young problem solvers. We'll go back and do it again on April 1.


  1. What a gorgeous photograph! Thanks for arranging your (also gorgeous) knitting "just so."


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