And we have a winner! . . .

Or two. Here's my daughter, picking from a basket containing your names (your odds were good, by the way).
And here are the winners -- the first name picked was Linda -- who is also my sister. And though I love her dearly, and am glad to have her as my winner, at the same time, it seems a little lame to offer a prize and then give it to your own family. So, not only will Linda be getting a little something in the mail, so will Tiennie. Congratulations! And thank you ALL, for sharing your successes, for saying nice things about my new sweater, and most of all, for reading my blog.

Tiennie, could you e-mail me your address? The rest of you might want to hop on over to tiennie knits, where she's celebrating her blogiversary and 100th post, all at once. More prizes!


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