Still in Vogue?

The 25th Anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting arrived today.
One of the features was a retrospective "top 10 hits". And a blast from MY past, is this sweater, by DKNY, from 1990. I adapted the original pattern to make this vest.
Given that I made it back in 1990, I don't remember what yarn I used, or any other technical details, except that it's a cotton/linen blend. This was back in the day when I believed I could knit anything, if I just followed the instructions. And then I adapted the instructions to make something that seemed more wearable to me than a long-sleeved summer sweater. Here it is on my daughter: Even though she's younger and slimmer than I am, you can still see the fit issues I have with this vest. It's over-sized. The neck is too big. The shoulders drop too much. And somehow things on the front edging didn't work out quite as evenly as they should have.

Other than the last, front edging issue, I realized today that the original sweater (and now the anniversary adaptation) has all the same problems. It's a beautiful piece of knitting, and I wear it once or twice a year. But it's really not a "wearable" piece of knitting. That would be my quibble with most of the sweaters from past issues they featured. Gorgeous stuff, but much of it over-sized or oddly shaped -- not very comfortable or flattering to us ordinary mortals.

By the way, I still secretly believe I CAN knit anything on set my heart on. I'll close with a closeup of lace:


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